Eng. Eisa Mubarak Ali Al Mazrouie

Executive Director of Municipal Infrastructure and Assets - Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Dr. Mohamed Dawoud

Executive Director of Municipal Manager, Water Resources Department - Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi

Ashwin B Pandya

Secretary General - International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID)

Shri A.B. Pandya, a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Saurashtra University and M. Tech. in Structural Engineering from IIT Delhi, is presently Secretary General ICID. He is a former Chairman of Central Water Commission and Ex-Officio Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources.  Shri A.B. Pandya, joined the Central Water Engineering Service in Central Water Commission in October 1977 and held various positions in the Department and other organizations under the Ministry of Water Resources He superannuated from the government service in December 2015 after serving for two years as Chairman of Central Water Commission. His major areas of works include setting up policy initiatives, planning, design and financing of water resources projects for hydropower and irrigation including regional planning for optimum water resources utilization; simulation and disaster management for flood and dam related incidents, setting up water resources related data collection strategies at national level and implementation of cutting edge technologies for collection and dissemination; legal and constitutional aspects of international and interstate water disputes and international water data sharing and treaty management at international level; dam safety assurance and management of dam safety programmes including distress analysis and recommendation of remedial measures for dams and appurtenant works, comprehensive safety review of dams and setting up guidelines and legal framework for dam safety, numerical modeling of structures and geotechnical engineering problems and application software for engineering analysis and data driven software applications. He is actively associated with many technical professional bodies in India.

Dr. Amgad Elmahdi

Head of MENA Region - International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Australia

Harish Kumar Varma

Executive Director - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)

Mr. Harish Kumar Varma,  a 1977 graduate in Civil Engineering with postgraduate in Hydrology from University of Roorkee (now IIT, Roorkee), India, has more than 41 years of working experience in various aspects of water resources planning, development and management while working in Central Water Commission (CWC) and Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Limited (WAPCOS) under Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India; Asian Development Bank (ADB); and International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID). Main fields of activities included operation and maintenance of hydrological network, hydrological analysis, flood forecasting, flood control and drainage, water resources system modeling, hydro-dynamic modeling including dam break modeling, investigation and preparation of detailed project report for hydropower/ multipurpose projects, administration of loan and technical assistance for projects funded by ADB in the field of irrigated agriculture and water management, flood and river erosion, coastal protection, integrated water resources management (IWRM), climate change, water use efficiency improvement program etc. Mr Varma has also worked in Ethiopia for about 14 months in different assignments as Hydrologist and System Modelling expert.

Mr. Varma is presently working in International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) as Executive Director.

Dr Adel Abou Jaoude

Operations Director - Jacobs - CH2M, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohsen Sherif

Director of the National Water Center - United Arab Emirates University

Dr. Mohsen Sherif is the Director of National Water Center and a Professor of Water Resources, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, United Arab Emirates University. Dr. Sherif has received several international and national awards including, two Fulbright Scholarships in 1993 and 1997, and HH Sheikh Khalifa (President of UAE) Award for Education, Higher Education/Research, First Round, March 2008. He was also awarded the designation of Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer, American Academy of Water Resources Engineers, 2011 and received the Best Associate Editor Award, Journal of Hydrological Engineering, ASCE, May 2016. He is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydrology and Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Dr. Sherif has 35 years of research experience in rainfall analysis, hydrogeology, groundwater flow and solute transport, impacts of climate change on water resources, groundwater table rise problem, drainage systems, aquifer storage and recovery, sweater intrusion in coastal aquifers and groundwater recharge.

Lu'ay Khdeir

Water Sector Leader; Middle East Unit; Regional Development Director - Mott MacDonald

Christopher Venemore

Infrastructure Design Director - AECOM Middle East

Eng. Alain Maalouf

Senior Manager, Design - MODON Properties, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Yoomin Lee

Regional Wastewater Practice Lead - Ch2m & Jacobs

Eng. Mariam Rashed Al Yahmadi

Project Manager - Stormwater O&M projects - Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Fatmah Rashed Saadi

Senior Supervisor - Operations - Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Eng. Fatmah Alsaadi received her bachelor degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from United Arab Emirates University in June, 2014 and Master degree on Engineering Management in December 2016 from Abu Dhabi University. In addition to her degree, Eng. Fatmah received a special training in project management program from North Carolina University. In December 2014 Eng. Fatmah joined Abu Dhabi Municipality and is responsible for the Infrastructure and Municipal Asset sectors. Her professional interests focus on storm water and irrigation fields.

Dr. Ashraf M. Elmoustafa

Prof. of Engineering Hydrology, Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University, Egypt

Eng. Michael Schutz

Head of R&D and Product Management, Drainage Systems - Fraenkische

Mr. Michael Schütz is Head of R&D and Product Management in the Drainage Systems division of FRÄNKISCHE. His role is to manage all the product lines for application range of civil engineering and especially Stormwater Management which mainly means the implementation of the four fundamental challenges of handling stormwater: Transportation, Treatment, Storage and Discharge.

After his graduation as a Civil Engineer at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg / Germany, Michael Schütz collected 15 years of experience as a consultant at engineering and planning offices in the field of civil engineering. His activities mainly were project management, design, tendering and site management for the design and rehabilitation of storm water- and sewage disposal systems in German and international projects. He started his career at FRÄNKISCHE in 2007. Since then he is responsible i.e. for the development and implementation of system solutions but also related research activities with the goal to manage Stormwater in best practice and to re-establish the natural water cycle.

Eng. Felix Britz Reinders

President - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)

Eng. Felix Britz Reinders is a professional engineer with 36 years of experience in the field of Agriculture and Civil Engineering. He holds specialization in water resources management and irrigation engineering, including research, design, training and mentoring. Born in 1955, Eng. Reinders completed his Engineering studies in 1979 from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has authored many scientific and semi-scientific papers and articles in the field of the irrigation and served on various Water Research Commission projects.  Eng. Reinders is also a visiting lecturer at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, where he imparts knowledge on design and operation of Drip and Sprinkle irrigation systems.

Eng. Reinders has been actively involved in the establishment of the South African National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (SANCID) as a member of ICID in 1993. He served as the Vice Chairman of SANCID from 1993-1999 and as its Chairman for the period 2000-2003 and 2008-2014. Eng. Reinders was elected as Vice President of ICID for the period 2005-2008. He successfully chaired and organized the 51st IEC Meeting and 6th International Micro Irrigation in South Africa in October 2000. Under his chairmanship for the period 2008-2011, SANCID was adjudicated as the Best Performing National Committee of ICID.

Henrik Sonesson

Senior Director, Water Utility - Grundfos

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